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20. Lovers (your favorite Disney couple of all time)

Carl and Ellie is the best couple that the world has ever created. These two aren’t just lovers to one another they’re best friends. Carl and Ellie have known each other since they were kids with the same thrill for adventure and they get married and actually live that adventure with one another. These two are such a great example for how a marriage and partner ship should be; with an undieing love for one another but also being each others best friends as well. I really hope I’ll be as lucky as Ellie one day and find my own Carl to share my adventure with.

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Here are these for now but…


I don’t have words to express how much i love this….. 

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This makes me laugh so hard every time.

This moment ruined that entire movie for me because it absolutely destroyed the image of dumbledore

Dumbledore felt so out of character in this movie, which is sad because it’s my favorite of the books. 

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it fucking begins


it fucking begins

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Now I’m so angry I can’t sleep. Damn. 


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Super pissed

So instead of doing something wicked stupid when I’m this mad I’m going to type out random words to try and cool off. 

Chocolate, rubber bands, nose ring, llama, crab, lettuce, onion ring, cup, fan, babies, rhino, water, red. 


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The person I reblogged this from is beautiful.

No one will reblog this from me. 

Shush your mouth. 

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